Wednesday, 29 March

18:00 Registration and Welcome party


Thursday, 30 March

09:00 Welcome Address by the Director of Kandilli Observatory and E.R.I.

            G. Barbarosoğlu


I. Scientific Conference Covering the Following Topics Relevant to the IHY


Session 1: Solar Physics and Solar Drivers of Geoeffective Events

Co-Chair: N. Gopalswamy
J-P. Rozelot


09:15   Velocity observations in the Corona at a Total Solar Eclipse and scientific dissemination of eclipse events in Japan (Invited talk)

             E. Hiei, Y. Iizuka

10:00   Analysis of 3B/X2 class flare on November 24, 2000 and associated phenomena   

            W. Uddin, R. Chandra

10:15   Coronal mass ejection of 15 May 2001: Evolution of morfological features of the erution and coupling with the flare energy release 

            D. Maričić, B. Vršnak, D. Roša, A. Veronig, A.L. Stanger, M. Temmer, V. Ruždjak

10:30   Coffee break and poster presentations

11:00   Chromospheric variations with the phase of the Solar cycle (Invited talk)

            J.G. Singh

11:45   Solar Monitoring Programme at Kanzelhoehe Observatory 

            W. Otruba

12:00    Lunch break


Co-Chair: E. Hiei

Co-Chair: J. G. Singh


14:00   Temporal Solar shape changes – Helioclimatic consequences  (Invited talk)

            J-P. Rozelot

14:45   Eclipse polarimetry of the inner white light Corona 

            V.V. Popov, I.S. Kim, E.V. Popova

15:00   Evolution of magnetic and velocity fields in super-active region NOAA AR 10486 and the large 4B/X17.2 class flare observed during October 28, 2003

            A. Ashok

15:15   Observations of sporadic solar radio emission at decameter waves

            V. Dorovskyy

15:30   Coffee break and poster presentations


Session 2: Solar Wind and Heliosphere

Chair:  J-P. Rozelot

Co-Chair: A. Hofmann


16:00   Consequences of Coronal mass ejections in the Heliosphere (Invited talk)

N. Gopalswamy

16:45   Dynamics of Coronal and interplanetary mass ejections 

            D. Maričić, B. Vršnak

17:00   Radio, H alpha and RHESSI investigations of an X-class flare and associated CME near the Sun and in the interplanetary medium

B. Joshi 

17:15   Space Weather near Solar activity minima – Implications of the May-September 2005 Solar Energetic Particle Event series Russian low-altitude satellites Coronas-F and Universitetskiy-Tatyana Data 

I.N. Myagkova, M.I. Panasyuk, S.N. Kuznetsov, B.Yu. Yushkov, E.A. Muravieva, L.I. Starostin, T.A. Ivanova, I.A. Rubinshtein, N.N. Vedenkin, N.A. Vlasova

17:30   Co-rotating systems in Solar Atmosphere and Heliosphere

C. Dumitrache 



Friday, 31 March

Session 3: Experimental Methods and Seismic Activity

Co-Chair: E. Babayev

Co-Chair: V. Korepanov


09:00   Polarimetry with GREGOR (Invited talk)

A. Hofmann

09:30   Polarization measurement instrument of USO-PRL for the observation of TSE-2006

        S.K. Gupta, A. Ambastha

09:45   Radio-Telescope <URAN-4> IRA NANU in system of the forecast of Space Weather and its influence on an Atmosphere and Biosphere of the Earth in a North-West part of Black Sea

            M.I. Ryabov

10:00   Dynamics of the Solar wind 

            G.N. Zastenker

10:15   Determining the electrical resistivity structure of the Earth's crust using magnetotellurics

            E.Tolak, M.K. Tuncer, S.B. Tank, C. Celik, N. Oshiman, Y. Honkura

10:30   Coffee break and poster presentations


Session 4: Magnetosphere and Ionosphere

Co-Chair: Y. Tulunay

Co-Chair: J. G. Lominadze


11:00   Features of change of a condition of the ionized and neutral components Earth’s Atmosphere during extreme developments of Solar activity of 2003-2004 years (under the data of probing of an Ionosphere and inhibition of simulated satellites) 

           N.I. Koshkin, L.V. Korneichuk, M.І.Rуаbov, S.K.Panishko

11:15   Generation mechanism and propagation features of the Ionospheric weather forming ULF electromagnetic wave structures 

            G.D. Aburjania, Kh.Z. Chargazia, A.G. Khantadze, J.G. Lominadze

11:30   Ionospheric Effects of Powerful Tropospheric/Litospheric Processes 

            V. Korepanov, G. Lizunov, Yu. Yampolsky

11:45   On the long-term variability of the registration at Swinder and Niemegk geomagnetic observatories 

             Z. Kobylinski, A. Wysokinski

12:00    Lunch break

14:00    Antalya city tour


Saturday, 1 April

Session 5: Space Weather Impacts On Technologies and Humans

Co-Chair:  Y. Tulunay

Co-Chair: A. Chilingarian


09:00   Influence of change of a condition of Space Weather, geophysical and meteorological conditions on reaction of various systems of an organism of the person 

            M.I. Ryabov, NatalyaV. Grabko , Larisa N. Poletaeva

09:15   Possible dependence of the sign changing of the polarity of interplanetary magnetic field on complications of various arrhythmas 

            M. Gigolashvili, G. Ramishvili, K. Janashia, L.Tvildiani, P. Pitiurishvili

09:30   An influence of changes of Heliophysical conditions on some biological and ecological systems: Results of studies conducted in the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences  

            E.S. Babayev, F.R. Mustafa, A.A. Allahverdiyeva, P.N. Shustarev

09:45   On Space Weather impacts on microwave radio scintillation and electric power supply systems in middle latitudes  

            E.S. Babayev, A.M. Hashimov, A.B. Asgarov

10:00   Coffee break and poster presentation

10:30   Determination of radiation doses in a human phantom onboard the International Space Station for estimation of the Space Weather radiation impact to crewmembers in space flights  

            J. Semkova, R. Koleva, G. Todorova, N. Kanchev, St. Maltchev, V. Petrov, V. Shurshakov, E. Yarmanova, V. Benghin, I. Tchhernykh

10:45  Atmospheric electric and electromagnetic field rapid changes as possible precursors of earthquakes and volcano eruption: A brief review 

Z. Kobylinski, S. Michnowski

11:00   A middle-to-low magnitude particle detector network for Space Weather research 

            A. Chilingarian

11:20   “Science and Art” Lecture

             J.G. Lominadze

11:50   Poster presentation

12:00   Lunch break


II. Organizational Meeting: To Coordinate the Observational, Scientific and Educational Activities Related to the IHY

A. Özgüç

Co-Chair:  K. Georgieva


14:00   IHY Activities in Georgia

M. Gigoloshvili and J.G. Lominadze

14:15   IHY Activities in Azerbaijan

            E.S. Babayev, A.S. Guliyev, G.A. Haziyev, A.A. Aliyeva

14:30   Near Earth Space Activities: A Turkish Initiative

            Y. Tulunay, E. Tulunay

14:45   Some Space Activities in Russia During IHY

            I. Myagkova and G.I. Kholodny

15:00   On the Participation of IIA in the IHY 2007 Program

            S.P. Bagare

15:15   Regional IHY Activities

            K. Georgieva

15:30   Coffee Break

16:00   Heliophysical Year: Activities From the European Coordination

            C. Briand

16:15   Regional IHY Activities – The Future

            K. Georgieva

16:30   Closing remarks

A. Özgüç, K. Geoegeva, and N. Gopaolswamy