March 30 - April 1, 2006

Sural Garden Hotel in Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey

Bogazici Univ. Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute and TUBITAK National Observatory are organizing this meeting right after the Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) on March 29, 2006.

The official meeting web page is

Scientific Organization Committee (SOC) :

Ashot CHILINGARIAN - Cosmic Ray Division, Alikhanyan Physics Institute, Armenia
Elchin BABAYEV - Shamakhy  Astrophysical Observatory, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan
Katya GEORGEVA - Solar-Terrestrial Influences Laboratory, Bulgaria (Co-chair)
Vladimir RUZDJAK - Hvar Observatory, Faculty of Geodesy, Croatia
Marina GIGOLASHVILI - Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory, Georgia
Vladimir KUZNETSOV - IZMIRAN, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Lev ZELENYI - Institute for Space Research, Russia
Atila OZGUC - Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and E.R.I., Turkey (Co-chair)
Zeki ASLAN - TUBITAK National Observatory, Turkey
Oleg LYTVYNENKO - Institute of Radio Astronomy, Ukraine
Natchimuthuk GOPALSWAMY - GSFC, U.S.A. (IHY Secreteriat)

Local Organising Committee (LOC) :
The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) consists of members of the Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI), Tubitak National Observatory (TNO), Akdeniz University, Physics Department (AKPD), and Derya Denizcilik Turizm Tic. ve San. A.S.

Atila OZGUC (Chair) - Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and E.R.I., Turkey
Tamer ATAC - Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and E.R.I., Turkey
Hulya YESILYAPRAK - Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and E.R.I., Turkey
Riza PEKTAS - Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and E.R.I., Turkey
Murat PARMAKSIZOGLU - TUBITAK National Observatory, Turkey
Orhan GOLBASI - Akdeniz University Department of Physics
Ali KILCIK - Akdeniz University Department of Physics
Yadigar YUCEER - Akdeniz University Department of Physics

Rationale of the Meeting

The International Heliophysical Year 2007 (IHY) is a big international program for studying the whole chain of events from the Sun through the heliosphere and solar wind to the Earth with the aim to understand the role of solar drivers for geomagnetic disturbances, climate change and life on the Earth. This is a continuation of the International Geophysical Year (1957) in which more than 60,000 scientists from 66 countries participated. IHY extends the concept of "Geophysics" to "Heliophysics" to embrace not only atmospheric and solar-terrestrial physics but include studies of other planets, the outer reaches of the heliosphere, and its interaction with the interstellar medium. In the International Heliophysical Year, supported by the United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative, United Nations Committee on Space Research, International Council of Sciences, International Astronomical Union, European Geoscience Union, European Space Agency, American Geophysical Union and a number of other organizations, 198 countries are expected to participate.

The Main Goals of the IHY are :

1) Scientific
    - To obtain a coordinated set of observations to study at the largest scale the solar generated events which affect life and climate on the Earth,
    - Global study of the Sun-heliosphere system outward to the heliopause to understand the external and historic drivers of geophysical change

2) Social and Economical
    - To foster international scientific cooperation in the study of Heliophysical phenomena now and in the future,
    - To incorporate developing countries in the exploration of space,
    - To raise the technical and scientific level in the area of space exploration

3) Educational
    - To present the status in the countries of the Balkans, Black Sea and Caspian Sea Regional Network activities,
    - To communicate the basic science and the unique scientific results of the IHY to the interested scientific community and to the general public.
The program of the meeting will consist of two parts :

I. Scientific Conference Covering the Following Topics Relevant to the IHY :

- Solar Physics and solar drivers of geoeffective events,

- Solar wind and Heliosphere,
- Magnetosphere and Ionosphere,
- High Atmosphere,
- Weather and climate,
- Seismic activity,
- Experimental methods,
- Space Weather impacts on technologies and humans.

II. Organizational Meeting
- To coordinate the observational, scientific and educational activities related to the IHY.


Invited Speakers
C. Briand, N. Gopalswamy,  I. Hiei, A. Hofmann*, J.-P. Rozelot, J. Singh, B. Vrsnak
* not confirmed

English will be the official language of the meeting. No translation service will be provided.

Invited reviews are limited to 40 min and oral presentations are 15 min. All followed by 5 min discussion. Computer aided presentations will be possible.

Conference Proceedings
The proceedings will be published as a special issue of "Sun and Geosphere" - the new international journal of our regional network. Instructions for preparing the camera-ready papers will  be  given in  the Final Announcement. The total length must not exceed 8 pages for an Invited Review, 6 pages oral contributions and 4 pages for the posters.

Participants have to register electronically through the IHY2006 Meeting web site. Please download the Registration Form fill and send it to .

Conference Site
The meeting will take place in the Sural Garden Hotel in Manavgat, which is 50 Km east of Antalya.
The attractive surroundings provide an early summer vacation opportunity for the conference participants.

Travel and Visa Information
Republic of Turkey has different VISA agreements with the different countries. Please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site or download list of visa agreements from here (12 kb, easy to learn).
Antalya is one of the most famous touristic cities of Turkey. Many international (direct, connected and mostly charter) flights arrive in Antalya International Airport from many key locations around the world. We recommend to all participants to reach Antalya by plane. Transfers between airport and meeting site will be organized by the LOC and will be announced later.

Financial Support
The budget of the Meeting is limited. However, funding by the INTAS has been applied for to support a number of scientists from formerly Soviet Union countries. Depending on the available budget, also some other participants may be partially funded, namely by waiving the registration fee. Please fill the Registration Form and specify precisely what kind of support you would need and estimate the respective costs.

Registration Fees
The full registration fee is 150 $ per person. This fee entitles participants to attend the conference sessions, to receive the Abstract book and Programme brochure. It also includes morning and afternoon refreshments during the conference, the informal Welcome Party and the excursion to the archeological sites. The registration fee for accompanying persons is 30 $ per person. This fee covers the Welcome Party, and the excursion to the archeological sites.

Participants will be asked to fill in the Booking & Payment Form properly. Put down your requests and count the final sum of your payment following the instructions. Choose the way of payment you prefer. If you decide to pay by credit card, which we encourage, indicate in the Booking & Payment form. The other accepted form of payment is by bank transfer made directly to the bank in Istanbul quoting the name of the participant:

   Bank :  Yapi Kredi Bank, Beyoglu Branch, Istanbul, Turkey
   Account name :  DERTUR Tours and Travel
   USD Account number :  3007426-0
   Bank connection (Swift Code) :  YAPITRIS015

All payments (for the fee and accommodation) must be free of bank charges to the receiver, i.e., all bank charges must be met by the remitter, including those imposed by the beneficiary's agents. This must be explicitly stated when authorizing the bank transfer order.

No guarantees can be provieded unless it is accompanied by the deposit inclusive of the registration fee and one night accommodation per room. The deposit should be paid until 31 January 2006 and the balance should be paid by 10 March 2006. No refund will be made.

Accommodation will be available in the same hotel. Room rates are 55 USD per person per night in a double bedded room (single supplement 21 USD, e.g. if you wish to stay single) and 110 USD for two persons per night. May not be guarantee the same hotel with the same price after 01 February 2006. The reservations can be made at other hotels if the main hotel is not available.

Please specify the roommate's name to avoid inconvenient partner.

Social Events
Welcome Party will take place on Wednesday evening, March 29, 2006 in the Sural
Garden Hotel. Excursions to archeological sites will be organized on Friday
afternoon, March 31, 2006.

Weather in Antalya in March and April is usually pleasant; the temperature is about
12 -16 C. Nights are cooler; rain, if any, should not last long. You are advised to
bring light casual clothes, and a sweater or jacket for the evenings.

Calendar of Events
Deadline for registration: January 31, 2006
Deadline for application for financial support: January 31, 2006
Information on support: February 20, 2006
Deadline for abstracts and payment of the basic fee: January 31, 2006
Final Announcement: March 10, 2006

Conference Secretariat
Local and travel arrangements, registration, and payments: Der-Tur Tours & Travel, Istiklal Cad. Galatasaray Ishani, No:230, 34430, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
phone: +90 212 249 8127, fax:+90 212 243 52 67, e-mail: